Uni-REPM Tool


An Universal maturity model for the Requirements Engineering Process

Requirements Engineering

Uni-REPM is a light-weight model presenting the maturity of RE process through sets of necessary activities. The assessment is basically an action to map those ideal activities to real work. The activities in the model are divided into 7 areas: Organizational support, Requirements Management Process, Elicitation, Requirements Analysis, Release Planning, Documentation and Requirements Specification, and Requirements Validation.

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Safety Module for Uni-REPM

It is a module that defines safety processes and practices to be followed during the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed by 14 processes: Safety Planning, Supplier Management, Preliminary Safety Analysis, Failure Handling, Safety Validation and Verification, Safety Certification, General Safety Management, Safety Configuration Management, Safety Communication, Safety Traceability, Human Factors, Safety Tool support, Safety Documentation, Safety Knowledge Management.

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Help us to improve the safety module!

We would like your contribution and feedback regarding our Safety Module. You are invited to participate in this questionnaire aimed to evaluate the safety module we proposed to the Uni-REPM. If you work developing or researching about safety-critical systems, please answer our survey.

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